Your Employees Are Unhappy Because They Have No Work Life Balance

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The Importance of Work Life Balance

Have you ever had that moment where you’ve rolled out of bed in the morning to get ready for work, only to look in the mirror and see the person staring back at you is tired and a bit dissatisfied? Unfortunately, it’s been reported that more than half of Americans are frustrated with their jobs due to a lack of work-life balance. Employees are feeling overworked and underappreciated, with little to no control over their own lives and schedules. We are no longer living in a period where employees can justify the sacrifices of their time, health, family and friends to climb the ladder to success. It’s been said that as Americans we live to work, where in other cultures they work to live. And the overall poor health in this country is exactly what displays our need for a cultural shift. By promoting work-life balance and flexible work options, you can help improve your employees happiness and health. Work-life balance means not having to be confined to a specific timetable or inflexible schedule, but instead expending energy to all aspects of life: work, family, friends, health, and personal growth.

Flexibility empowers a greater focus on health

Employees with flexible work options are more likely to have: less stress, better mental and physical health, improved sleeping patterns and higher productivity. By giving employees this freedom, you are allowing them to prioritize the key “stressor” on their plate at any given time so that their work doesn’t suffer if something is going on at home, and vice versa.

Happy workers are motivated, engaged and productive

It’s a no-brainer that long term happiness in your employees will produce profound effects on company engagement and workplace success. But even a short-term boost in happiness can lead to greater productivity in a work environment. By investing in workplace flexibility and overall wellness, the increase in productivity can provide a huge return for the business.

Work-life balance prioritizes the biggest key to happiness – social time

It’s extremely important among all industries to encourage social collaboration, because this leads to increased creativity, ideas, and productivity. Ultimately these factors will create a positive work environment, and happy employees. It’s time to promote wellness, flexibility and autonomy at your work.

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