Web.com adds SmartBox MiniMart to Corporate Office

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SmartBox MiniMart: A Healthier & Smarter Way to Eat at Work

What if there were a healthier, fresher, and better way to eat at work? What if you had food choices that improve your mental stamina and leave you feeling fuller longer, allowing you to be an office genius?

Well, there is a company that provides all these things for you, and it’s never been easier to eat healthy in the office. SmartBox, launched in 2012 in Jacksonville, FL, is transforming the way employees eat at work, offering locally prepared foods that are made fresh daily. The MiniMart is rapidly making its way into large corporations and offices throughout Florida, with the recent addition of Web.com.

Entirely cloud-based and paperless, SmartBox’s MiniMarts are secure, intuitive self-checkout kiosks complete with a self-pay mobile app. SmartBox is the first and only automated retailer to offer a mobile app, ensuring an efficient, fast checkout experience.

These automated kiosks offer salads, wraps, yogurt parfaits, dozens of healthy snack choices, house-made dips, and more, all prepared locally the same day. A large selection of beverages, including sports drinks, sodas, tea, iced coffee, smoothies, and more are also available to accompany your fresh, healthy meal.

“The SmartBox MiniMart revolutionizes the workplace like any other service. For the first time, people can access all kinds of fresh foods locally prepared, made earlier that same day, right in their workplace. The self-checkout kiosk and mobile app are easy to use, and provide an impeccable experience,” said SmartBox CEO Brandon Stallings.

Web.com Adds SmartBox MiniMart to Corporate Office

Online small business website builder and website design giant Web.com recently added MiniMarts to its corporate office in Jacksonville. The addition of the intuitive and health friendly kiosk improves workplace productivity by decreasing time spent away from the office and wasted time in long lines, as well as provides fresh, local foods for increased mental alertness.

Web.com is currently taking advantage of another MiniMart perk, custom branding and coloring. This allows the MiniMart kiosk to become part of their company, and not just another oversized, traditional, jukebox ‘micro-market’. Custom branding promotes pride, and pride breeds success. Web.com is making a smart and healthy decision in the workplace, providing a sense of well-being and giving employees beneficial food choices.

Employees at Web.com are loving the food, drinks, and healthy options:

“Awesome and delicious soup every day!”  – Tina T.

“Great selection of snacks, and lots of gluten free choices.” – Blake C.

“The Gumbo is so good, and their desserts are decadent.” – Caroline

“Easy, simple to buy, and love the healthy options!”  – Taryn W.

SmartBox MiniMarts Not Just Smart, They’re Genius

With a myriad of advantages, MiniMarts are rapidly becoming mainstays in offices throughout Florida. With the ability to purchase fresh food the same day it was made and use a mobile-pay app or user-friendly tablet interface for checkout, users are engaging in an intuitive, self-service healthy food experience. A SmartBox Minimart can improve company productivity, well-being, and morale. It could well be just what your growing company needs. Schedule a demo today to learn more.

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