wellness trends in 2020

Top Wellness Trends in 2020

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Take care of your body, mind and planet.

In the last ten years, America learned the art of the hustle. Goals and resolutions revolved around going harder and faster all day, every day. We were introduced to high-intensity workouts, restrictive diets and even our hobbies turned into lucrative side-hustles. The introduction of social media brought with it a strange pressure to always be “doing the most” and even our relaxing moments needed to be photogenic and insta-worthy. In direct response, the top wellness trends in 2020 are all about slowing down. From workouts, to stress levels and even drinking habits, it’s time to finally take a breather and prioritize our physical, mental and environmental health.

Hit the HayWellness Trends 2020 sleep

An overwhelming number of working Americans view sleep as a luxury. Between balancing personal, professional and family life, it seems some extra Z’s are the first to go when the schedule gets tight. In fact, 60% of Americans say they are frequently exhausted at work, and nearly 22% say they regularly nap in their cars during the week!

Adequate sleep is not a luxury, it’s a necessity to productivity. Individuals who rest for 6-8 hours each night experience:

  • Faster reaction times
  • Better judgment and decision-making skills
  • Improved memory
  • Smoother creativity flow
  • Easier problem-solving
  • Fewer errors
  • Lowered risk of burnout

If you’re looking for the best way to achieve your 2020 goals both in and out of the workplace, start by letting your head hit the pillow. Sweet dreams!

Wear Your Tech apple watch

Wearable technology has piqued public interest since 2016 and has comfortably lived in the spotlight ever since. 2020 is no exception. In fact, wearable tech topped the chart of 2020 wellness trends in The American College of Sports and Medicine’s annual survey.  Smart watches, sleep trackers and activity trackers fit right into our general love of instant, visual results.

For many users, wearable tech unlocks a major component to staying fit: motivation. Devices like the Apple Watch and Fit Bit track activity levels automatically, presenting data to users that helps inspire them to do more. Whether the data is used in friendly competition with your gym buddy, or simply as a means to track your progress, studies have shown that visual data helps individuals reach their fitness goals.

Mind Your Meditation

wellness trend meditation

Step aside, naysayers. The thousand-year-old practice of meditation is more proven and popular than ever. Society’s hustle mentality often leads to inevitable burnout, causing individuals to feel overwhelmed, apathetic, anxious and even full-on depressed. Taking time to calm the mind and manage chronic stress through meditation can benefit your mental and physical health, and even boost productivity at work.

Here are just a few science-backed benefits of meditation!

Ready to kick off your practice? Try starting with guided meditation. There are plenty of videos online and mobile apps to help you start the journey to mindfulness.

Be Sober Curioussober curious wellness trend

That’s right, taking a break from booze is actually trendy. Since the release of Ruby Warrington’s book Sober Curious: The Blissful Sleep, Greater Focus, Limitless Presence, and Deep Connection awaiting Us All on the Other Side of Alcohol in December of 2018, a movement has spread across the U.S. challenging us to see what life is like without alcohol.

The “sober curious” concept is simple: hangovers are the worst and alcohol might be preventing you from living your best life. Those opting for mocktails out of sober curiosity aren’t necessarily reliant on alcohol but are usually in pursuit of greater health and wellness. Those following the sobriety movement share benefits of improved focus, higher productivity and more meaningful interactions.

Break Up with Plasticplastic free wellness trend

Practicing wellness in 2020 isn’t only about physical and mental health. Planet Earth needs to be taken care of now more than ever. That’s why environmental wellness is a hot topic for the new decade.

With the help of a viral video, Americans effectively said goodbye to plastic straws over the last few years in an effort to save the sea turtles. Now that we are sipping with stainless steel straws, the concern over plastic waste in other daily life continues to grow.

As it turns out, most Americans put a little too much faith into the magic recycling bin when it comes to plastic. Even with the best intentions, there are many factors keeping your plastic water bottle from the new life you hope it will find. Recycling is an extremely complicated system, dictated by market demand, local regulations, product designers, waste collectors and recycling factory workers. Not to mention, you! “Wish-cycling” soiled or pigmented plastic can risk defecting the whole batch.

The simple solution? Break up with plastic. Recycling plastic can be so confusing and unreliable, it is best to reduce your use of it whenever possible. Start by using canvas bags, opting for glass over plastic and finding a package-free grocery store near you!

New Year, Better You

In 2020, the top wellness trends encourage us to treat our body, mind and environment with care. Let yourself rest, fuel yourself naturally and be mindful of your impact on our planet.

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