Stop Getting Distracted From What Really Matters in Your Fitness Routine

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Getting Real About Fitness

Thanks to social media many people assume that personal fitness journeys are composed of organized, aesthetically pleasing meal plans, workout routines (probably copy and pasted from a pinterest board), and daily journals that plan your day hour by hour. And yes, maybe these are the resources that originally motivated you to commit to a healthier lifestyle, but as you get into the weeks and months of following your plan (sometimes) you slip up. And you begin to realize, this is not a pretty nor is it an easy journey – it’s a constant battle with yourself.

You skip Monday’s workout because you had trouble sleeping last night due to a case of the Sunday scaries, and would like to sleep in before you start the week instead of hitting the gym. Or maybe your paycheck from this week fell a bit short, and you don’t have money to buy all your superfood smoothie ingredients after paying your unusually high electric bill. These things happen, it’s natural. But it’s important to be conscious of these shifts in routine, because it also brings about a shift in mentality that will put you off track.

Here’s the thing – there are a million excuses your brain will come up with to keep you from exercising. And that’s why for most of us, fitness feels like a constant uphill battle. The relief from those inhibiting thoughts and voices in your head, comes from when you just ignore them and exercise anyways. You experience a series of “small wins” each time you complete a set, an exercise or workout and then that makes you look forward to the next. It helps to keep resources on hand that help to simplify the process. For example, SmartBox Company is participating in heart walks this month in partnership with the American Heart Association and their April #MoveMoreMonth initiative.

Many people struggle, overcomplicate and fall out of their routines by focusing on aspects that don’t matter as much as the main aspect that delivers the results we want – exercise! One hour. That’s all you need! Maybe on those busy days just 30 minutes, we get it. But the point is – it’s simple and there is always a time to fit activity in your day. And yes, you are going to feel better when you exercise, then spend 15 minutes in the sauna and have a post workout superfood smoothie… but you are going to feel worse if you don’t exercise at all because you think you don’t have the time or have access to those “feel-good” amenities.

The best way to “keep going” is to always have healthy, guilt-free snack options on hand. Just something to grab and go on the days when it’s extra challenging. SmartBox Express is a brand new service that allows you to have these options delivered to you on a monthly basis for just $25! We feature many well-known and healthy brands, such as Clif and Kind. Perfect for the days that you are short on time, money, and everything else just seems to be getting in your way. Click here to visit the site, start shopping and stop letting excuses get in your way!


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