SmartBox Launches First Health Foods MiniMart at CIT

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Smart MiniMarts in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville-based SmartBox has several great solutions, the most advanced of which is the MiniMart, now available in the CIT office in Jacksonville.The MiniMart, a micro convenience store concept with fresh-made sandwiches, salads and snacks is made to replace the standard vending machine fare.
The freshness of the products and the technology for easy purchasing that makes SmartBox stand out.

In addition to the fresh food that is locally prepared and swapped on the shelves every 48 hours, SmartBox MiniMarts offer over 1,000 customizable snack and beverage choices that have been curated by registered dietitians and offer customers a healthy vending experience.

MiniMart Offerings Increase Company Productivity

In addition to CIT, SmartBox is trusted by the Jacksonville Electric Authority, Baptist Health and YMCAs of Florida’s First Coast to provide their employees and customers with natural & organic food options that boost morale and productivity.

These companies and many others have found an increase in productivity because their employees are able to quickly grab real food with trustworthy ingredients right on the property of their workplace.

Latest Technology for Smarter Food Choices is Here

In addition to making smart food choices readily available, our healthy MiniMarts have the latest technology for cashless and mobile payment options, including a self-pay mobile app, so that customers can enjoy a fun, healthy, high-tech shopping experience every time.

Installation, maintenance and regular service are a top priority to us at SmartBox. Our systems constantly monitor your MiniMarts so that we know when to refill the kiosk with healthy food and beverages.

Just a few snack and beverage choices available for your MiniMart include Skinny Pop popcorn, Kettle Chips, Lenny & Larry’s cookies, Steaz iced tea drinks and Izze sparkling fruit juice flavors. Fresh salads, wraps and snack lunches are available to purchase in the MiniMart.

What are you waiting for?
Contact us today for a free information session on how SmartBox vending machines and MiniMarts can improve your workplace.

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