Healthy Vending and Snack Solutions for Schools

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Why We’re Smarter.

The United States Department of Agriculture launched new competitive food rules – “Smart Snacks in Schools” – and to support the program, SmartBox Company provides vending machines with various healthy snacks and beverages, which comply with the set standards.

Children consume around 2/3 of their food intake per day at school. In other words, what children eat at school has potentially more effects on their health than what they eat at home. Schools have a key responsibility of creating a culture of wellness and SmartBox Company is here to make that hassle-free and seamless.

SmartBox Company will work with you directly to determine the healthy vending needs of your school. We will help you develop good solutions for your district or school. SmartBox Company takes care of customized product mixes, USDA compliance under Smart Snacks in School rules, on-machine digital nutrition content and whole program management.


We've provided this infographic below to show the differences in standards, and assure you that SmartBox Company meets and exceeds them. Get in touch with us today to schedule a demo!

Healthy Vending and Snack Solutions for Schools

Our Solutions:

Why choose SmartBox vending and snack solutions for your school?


  • A comprehensive foods provider and turnkey healthy vending program
  • Delicious healthier products, which are already parent-approved and student tested  
  • Guaranteed 100 percent USDA-compliant, Smart Snacks In School Approved products
  • Great services from professional operators
  • Modern state-of-the-art vending machines
  • Health and nutrition education through on-machine display and tasting events
  • Comprehensive food service for the la carte lunch lines, fundraisers and school stores

What Makes SmartBox Different?

Part of the unique value we bring to grade schools, colleges and universities is our high quality brands. To make it into our snack boxes, vending machines, and GoMarkets, all of our products MUST be high in protein, fiber and antioxidants and contain no artificial ingredients or refined sugar. Our goal is to introduce students to healthy snack options and get them in the habit of making healthy decisions.


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