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Why We’re Smarter.

A majority of the country's population spends more time at work than at home, most of whom reside in an office environment on a 40-60 hour a week basis. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these offices still have the same vending services they've had for 20 years, with products loaded with refined sugars and preservatives. Workplace cafeteria options oftentimes feel just as outdated, giving those who frequent it on a day-to-day basis flashbacks of their elementary school lunch-ladies.

Shouldn't it be different? What if creating a work environment that your employees look forward to being in was the top priority? In an environment already not ideal for burning calories, healthy vending and meal options will not only enhance employee morale, but it boosts their productivity. Your employees deserve the choice to eat healthier on site.

The SmartBox machine is different from your typical vending machine. Our smart and innovative technology gives us the ability to make healthy snacks affordable and accessible for everyone.

SmartBox vending and GoMarkets are designed to make the operation, maintenance and stocking of locations seamless and make the consumer experience fun and interactive. Employees are kept happier and healthier because they have the freedom to have a variety of healthy snack options available at anytime of the day.

SmartBox Company provides easy, convenient, healthy snacks and light meals through our GoMarkets and Vending machines for corporate offices. We also provide corporate snackbox gifting on a company-wide scale. Consider the benefits of healthier options at work, employers who provide snack products with wholesome ingredients for their staff signal to employees that they are cared for and appreciated.

Our Solutions:

Why choose SmartBox vending and snack solutions for your office:

Today people are much more health conscious, and therefore taste and nutrition highly matters when planning to create successful vending programs to fit into your company wellness goals. If the products you offer are both tasty and healthy, people will enjoy them. SmartBox Company offers affordable prices and can also meet your product-mix demands. Our products cater to specific dietary needs such as vegan/vegetarian, gluten-free, low-blood-sugar options and allergen-free options.

Having healthy snacks in vending machines is an excellent and convenient option for employees on the go. However, many times people associate vending machines with just snack food. With SmartBox Company’s GoMarket we can offer a wide variety of ready made snacks, light meals and beverages. GoMarket offers everything from yogurt parfaits to sandwiches and wraps all in one cashless station.

What Makes SmartBox Different?

Part of the unique value we bring to corporate organizations is our high quality and healthy snack and beverage brands. To make it into our snack boxes, vending machines, and GoMarkets, all of our products MUST be high in protein, fiber and antioxidants and contain no artificial ingredients or refined sugar. Our goal is to introduce your employees and patients to healthy snack options and get them in the habit of making healthy decisions every day.


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