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Meet a Nutritionist: Q&A with Jacksonville Certified Nutritionist Katie Hammill

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Getting Real with Sustainable Nutrition Advice

Jacksonville Certified NutritionistKatie Hammill is a Jacksonville certified nutritionist, mom of two, wife, kitchen renegade, exercise enthusiast and football fanatic. Her mission is to take the complex relationship we all have with food and simplify it for real life. She believes there is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to healthy habits.

Through her work with families and individuals of all ages as a Jacksonville certified nutritionist, Katie helps both beginners in fitness and aspiring athletes alike find the place in their life where healthy feels great and sustainable. She’s a strong believer that sticking to a diet that doesn’t work for your lifestyle is a waste of time.

We sat down with Katie as she shared some advice on how to navigate conflicting information on nutrition. Read on as she deciphers the good from the bad and recommends the best way to fit proper nutrition into your lifestyle.


Interview with jacksonville certified nutritionist

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