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Maximize Office Productivity with Healthy Snacks

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Healthy Snacks = Higher Productivity

It’s 11:45 am and your to-do list has doubled throughout the morning. Your stomach starts to grumble, but your busy mind urges, “There’s no time for food!” Instead, you reach for the easiest fuel to quiet your stomach and get back to work. Is it a candy bar from the traditional vending machine down the hall? Or a value meal from the fast food restaurant across the street? No matter what it is, it’s probably not the healthiest of choices.

Fueling your body with quick and unhealthy food might save you time temporarily, but you’ll be paying for it with a sluggish afternoon crash.

How Food Fuels our Mindshow food affects productivity

It’s easy to view all food as fuel to keep us going. Every time we eat, food travels down into your stomach where acids and enzymes break the food down and glucose is released. From there, it absorbs into your intestines and passes into the bloodstream, reaching your cells with a little help from insulin.

While most cells in the body use glucose and fats for energy, it is the main source of fuel for your brain. Without glucose, nerve cells and chemical messengers in your brain have trouble processing information. This leads to lack of focus and a short attention span.

However, not all food fuels our bodies at the same rate. Some foods, like carb-heavy pasta or sugary soda, release glucose quickly. This causes a burst of energy followed shortly by an unfortunate slump. Differently, high-fat meals (like fast food) break down slower, providing a longer-lasting source of energy. Unfortunately, foods high in fat also require more energy to digest, reducing oxygen levels in the brain and causing drowsiness.

Snack for Success

Clearly, that quick and convenient unhealthy meal might save you time at the moment but could cost you hours of productivity later in the day. Food has a direct impact on our cognitive performance, which is why intelligent food choices are the key to productivity.

Snack Throughout the Day

Avoiding snacks and feasting at lunchtime can cause spikes and drops in blood sugar. Studies show inconsistent blood sugar decreases productivity and lessens self-control. That means fewer items crossed off your to-do list and more stealing candies from the office bowl. Instead, graze on healthy snacks throughout the day to maintain a consistent glucose level.

Keep Healthy Snacks Handyhealthy snacks productivity

Many people assume the key to eating healthy is avoiding temptation. On the contrary, the trick to eating right is planning and convenience. With healthy snacks always on deck, you’ll notice cravings for sweet and salty snacks will soon fade away. Use a subscription service, like SmartBox Express, to have healthy snacks delivered right to your doorstep (or your office)! It takes all the work and planning out of eating healthy, so you just enjoy the benefits.


Provide Your Team with Healthy Optionshealthy snacks productivity

If you’re an office manager looking to maximize team productivity and morale, SmartBox GoMarket is the move. This fresh, versatile selection of snacks and meals fits right into any office environment. Not only do employees look forward to new offerings each week, but the wholesome nutritious ingredients will boost focus and productivity on a daily basis. With a micro-market of real food only steps away from their desks, your team will have healthy options handy all work week long.


Spread the Love with Healthy Snacks

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