Jacksonville based Flightstar makes a ‘SmartBox’ decision

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Smart Snacking

It’s smart business. It’s smart technology. It’s smart snacking. And this Jacksonville based company made a wise decision. By adding a SmartBox MiniMart to their facility, Flightstar afforded its employees the opportunity to eat fresh quality foods, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Flightstar is a Jacksonville based airplane maintenance company, and their workplace is a 24/7 facility. Employees at Flightstar take lunch breaks throughout the day and night, and the SmartBox MiniMart gives them a way to have fresh foods, even at 3 AM. With its self-checkout convenience and all day and night availability, the MiniMart kiosk is a tremendous plus for an organization such as Flightstar.

It’s a no-brainer from an economic perspective. Typically, on lunch breaks, employees leave the office, which can take 30 minutes plus in just travel time. Plus, they are paying at least $10 for lower quality food. With the MiniMart, all ingredients are real, fresh, and healthier, at affordable pricing. Employees at Flightstar are now able to use the friendly kiosk interface to order salads, wraps, sandwiches, parfaits, combo lunch boxes, fresh dips to pair with a healthy snack, and more. All of this is now done conveniently at the workplace, saving employees valuable time and money.

With the 24-hour schedule, employees at Flightstar work varying shifts, and this can cause issues with trying to get a decent meal. Most restaurants aren’t open 24 hours, but the SmartBox MiniMart is. Most of the workforce in the United States doesn’t eat breakfast before coming to work, no matter what time their shift starts. Users of the MiniMart can get a full, healthy breakfast even if their shift starts at 9:30 PM. Night shift employees looking to get dinner when they leave the office at 8 AM now have the convenience of grabbing a take-home dinner on the way out of the building. It’s a brilliant advantage for all employees.

All SmartBox MiniMart products are made fresh the same day. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are always available, and this is perfect for 24/7 operations like Flightstar. It’s more than just smart business, it’s SmartBox MiniMart. Make the smart decision to Schedule a Demo today.

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