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Introducing SmartBox Celebration Box

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Celebrate the Smart Way

celebration box

Everybody loves a cause for celebration, and what celebration would be complete without tasty treats? Be the office hero with SmartBox Celebration Box! Skip the same-old party snacks and instead order a box brimming with a variety of creamy, crunchy and healthy treats!



Our Celebration Box feature products with premium quality ingredients that are both healthy and delicious. We want to make it super easy to access a versatile and affordable assortment you can feel good about enjoying. Whether you’re celebrating an office birthday or sending your congrats to friends and family, skip the trip to the grocery store and let SmartBox do the work for you.


Corporate Gifting Made Easy with the Celebration Boxcelebration box 

Are you an HR Manager looking for a way to boost team morale in the office? Never miss a chance to celebrate by partnering with SmartBox. Let us know about office birthdays, work anniversaries and corporate celebrations. We will guarantee a Celebration Box arrives right on time for the party. Most importantly, employees will feel valued and appreciated when they receive a thoughtful assortment of treats delivered to their desk, curated just for them on their special day.

Also, if you’re planning a big event or looking to treat your client list, we offer bulk services! Surprise a crowd with our customized corporate gifting services.

Call 904-739-9100 or email our concierge at express@smartboxvending.com to find out more about corporate gifting!

Send a Celebration Box to Friends and Family

celebration box personalThis box of goodies is available outside of the office, too! Celebrate your niece’s graduation, your best friend’s promotion or your sister’s birthday no matter where you are in the world with a SmartBox Celebration Box.

In today’s digital world, there is just something extra special about receiving a surprise in the mail. Let’s face it: Flowers are great, but a little overrated. Wouldn’t it be better to celebrate the accomplishments of a loved one with a box of delicious treats? Delivered right to their doorstep, a Celebration Box is guaranteed to surprise and delight.

Packed with 29 different products, this box features healthy and delicious snacks, including Tiny Tate’s Cookies, Stacy’s Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips, Betty Lou’s Fruit Bar and many other bites that satisfy a sweet tooth. A surprise this tasty and fun is sure to guaranteed to make their day and keep them fueled up for a great week.

Order a Celebration Box delivery today with SmartBox Express.

Save Big, Give Often

Do you have plenty to celebrate? Subscribe to Save 10% on weekly or monthly deliveries of SmartBox Express featuring the highest quality snacks.

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