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How and SmartBox are Leading With Their Hearts

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Lead from the front

A very successful businessman and good friend of mine once told me those words. What does it mean to lead from the front? Simply stated, it’s about setting a spectacular example and having those who want to be successful do the same. In business and for your company, it means doing more than just meeting the bottom line. The American Heart Association needs help, and two Jacksonville based companies have decided to lead from the front.

Successful businesses helping those in need

The American Heart Association is currently raising funds for their premier fundraising event of the year, The Heart Walk. The overall goal of the AHA is to reduce heart-related death and increase heart health, both by 20%. They intend to accomplish this goal by 2020. So, how do they do it? That’s where and SmartBox come in. has already raised $182,000 for The Heart Walk, greatly surpassing their original fundraising goal of $100,000. With close to 30 teams and 500 participants, the online powerhouse is the largest group participating in the walk.

Rapidly growing SmartBox is already partnered with the American Heart Association and gives free health screenings at their grand openings for new customers. CEO Brandon Stallings, who is on the AHA task force, knew that he wanted to do more for the walk. So, SmartBox is donating all snacks and fruit to The Heart Walk team members.

Lead from the front like and SmartBox

While meeting deadlines, gaining customers, and increasing revenue are all at the top of your business list, they are not all measuring sticks for success. Your company can do more and it will not only be beneficial to others, but to you as well. Look around your community and see what your company can do to help. It may be the best business decision you can make. and SmartBox made that decision. And now, they are not just leading from the front, but they are showing they have heart.

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