Healthy Vending and Snack Solutions for Gyms and Fitness Clubs

Smartbox healthy vending machine in Jacksonville

Why We’re Smarter.

SmartBox Vending Machines are a smart and healthy way to keep gym members hydrated while also offering a wide variety of nutritious snacks. An on-site SmartBox Vending machine at your health club can provide gym memberships with the pre and post-workout fuel they want and need, while also providing all of your employees with healthy meal options.


Providing all natural ingredients in snack choices reinforces the importance of good nutrition while exercising. It also keep members on the right track of their fitness journey. SmartBox vending allows all gym members to have access to the fuel they need, when they need it. You will enjoy the double benefit of being able to provide a low-cost amenity to your valued staff and club members, with zero management on your end.

Our Healthy Snack Solutions:

Why choose SmartBox vending and snack solutions for your gym:


Good fitness is about both nutrition and exercise. By offering your clients healthier options in provided vending machines, you will be reinforcing the importance of diet as it relates to fitness and overall health. In other words, you will promote all aspects of healthy living, reinforce your ‘get toned and fit message’, and your fitness club will have all the amenities needed for your members.


Looking for something more advanced? With SmartBox Company we also offer a turn-key solution to all of your on-site and food requirements. GoMarket makes making smart food choices at the gym fast and easy. GoMarket features locally prepared, fresh salads, wraps, protein beverages and more all equipped on a self-serving kiosk.

What Makes SmartBox Different?

Part of the unique value we bring to gyms, health clubs and yoga studios is our high quality and healthy snack brands. To make it into our snack boxes, vending machines, and GoMarkets, all of our products MUST be high in protein, fiber and antioxidants and contain no artificial ingredients or refined sugar. Our goal is to introduce your members to healthy snacks to keep them fueled before and after a workout.


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