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Corporate Conference Gifts that Build Goodwill and Maximize ROI

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The Best Corporate Conference Gifts

Free swag may be an anticipated part of corporate events, but these branded giveaways are also the leading cause of waste at conferences! It’s a sad reality that even the most carefully curated collection of goodies is often left behind, shoved in a closet back home or even tossed in the trash. Whether you’re a hospitality manager or event manager, it’s time to re-think the approach when it comes to corporate conference gifts. Look at these gifts as a major opportunity to build rapport and goodwill with attendees to maximize ROI.

Conference gifts are an excellent opportunity to make attendees feel welcome, show off your company values and leave a lasting impression. However, since attendees are flooded with cheap swag at every holiday party, product release and corporate event, be strategic about the quality of your giveaways. Choose items guests will actually enjoy and use in everyday life to ultimately strengthen brand association and awareness. Say goodbye to cheap plastic sunglasses and branded shirts. Here are a few conference gift ideas that will resonate with your event attendees.


conference gifts headphones

Frequent travelers know, one of the worst small travel mistakes to make is forgetting to pack a pair of headphones. Suddenly, a quick plane ride feels three times longer when you have no way to block out the shrill baby cries a few rows back. Sure, the airline might have a complimentary pair for you, but they’re most likely from the 90s, cause major static and hurt your ears!

Whether you gift conference attendees with a small travel pair or a more luxury option, everyone can find a use for headphones (and a few spare pairs, too!) Include a set of subtly branded headphones and your guests will remember how you saved their travel experience with a spare set.


Welcome Attendees with Healthy Snacks

corporate welcome gift healthy snacksGive attendees a welcome gift that immediately establishes goodwill: food! SmartBox Company offers completely customizable healthy snack boxes featuring all-natural, energy-boosting options. Attendees will be pleasantly surprised to find a box brimming with healthy snacks waiting for them upon arrival. These effective welcome gifts allow attendees to refuel after their travels and snack all conference long on these treats in lieu of expensive hotel snacks.

Take advantage of SmartBox Company’s custom design options to get your business logo featured on every snack box! That way, every time guests reach for some healthy brain fuel, they’ll be thinking of your company.

Food never goes out of style, and a snack with a purpose can go a long way. Treat your guests to a collection of healthy snacks at the beginning of the conference to keep them full, focused and engaged all event long.


Portable Smart Phone Charger

conference gifts power bankWhether we like it or not, smartphones are the new lifelines. In a world where American workers rarely unplug, constant access to email and contact information is a must. A quality branded USB power bank is a conference gift that attendees are guaranteed to need, want and use.

Conference-goers are out of synch to their normal routine, so gifting a power bank at the beginning of the event will most likely save their phone batteries right from the get-go. Further, it’s a perfectly useful gift to bring back home and along on their next journey! Your brand will be in front of mind each time they charge up their smartphone on-the-go.


Reusable Cups and Straws

conference gifts reusable strawSingle-use plastic bottles and coffee cups are a thing of the past. Make your corporate event stand-out by providing a high-quality, waste-free option they can use to fuel up throughout the event. An insulated, strategically branded thermos gives event-goers the option to fill up with warm or cool drinks. They can also think of your brand every time they fill up at their local coffee shop after the conference!

Did you know you can even customize reusable straws? Include a classy, reusable straw kit in your company gift bag to stand out as thoughtful and environmentally-conscious.


Leave a Lasting Impression with Custom Conference Gifts

It’s time to start thinking of corporate conference gifts as more than “free swag.” Remember, these items could be attendees’ first impression with the company. When curating your event swag, view each item as an opportunity to build rapport and resonate with each guest to maximize ROI. That way, when attendees still have positive brand associations well after the conference, these are the gifts that just keep giving.

Ready to start curating the perfect conference gifts? Check out SmartBox for Business to learn how to customize a healthy snack box with your company logo.


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