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The Ultimate Back to School Snacks Hack

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back to school snacksMake Back to School Snacks a Breeze with a Healthy Snack Subscription 

Sweet summertime is slipping away and back-to-school season is just around the corner. The school year hustle leaves fewer hours in the day for grocery shopping for school snacks and lunch-packing. Don’t let nutrition slip during this busy season! 

At SmartBox, we are here to help you stay fueled and focused by celebrating #Snack2School! Our SmartBox express subscription service takes all the work out of healthy snacking. In the words of our Founder, Brandon Stallings, “Back to school doesn’t have to be a difficult transition. We’ve found a way to save busy families the travel time, and provide what they want, delivered to their doorstep automatically at whatever frequency they specify.  It’s that simple.”


A Busy Mom’s Best Friend 

back to school snacks

We know the struggle of packing lunches. Do you have a picky eater who comes home with half of their food untouched? Or maybe you’re tempted to send your little one with lunch money, but nervous about what exactly the cafeteria is serving up that day (spoiler alert: it’s not always nutritious). Our Family Box subscription is the perfect way to save time grocery shopping, receive high-quality lunch box school snacks right to your home and get your kids excited about healthy eating.

Get them involved in the process! Each SmartBox can be customized to help introduce kids to new healthy snack options like Annie’s Organic Snacks, Pure Organic Fruit Bars and Enjoy Life allergy-friendly cookies. Let your little snacker help choose what’s in each delivery and get them excited about receiving our fun green-and-white box in the mail. Healthy lunching just got easy, convenient and fun. You’re welcome, mom!

When choosing the snack options, don’t forget to treat yourself too! We offer great on-the-go snacks like Lenny and Larry’s Protein Cookies and Think Jerky for protein boosts when you’re on the move.


College Kid Survival Kit 

back to school snacks collegeSo, your not-so-little one is out of the nest and off to college. You can’t always be there anymore to nurse them back from sickness or make sure they’re eating their greens! Thankfully, SmartBox Express provides a way to send nutritious treats to your college kid, even when they’re far away. They will be grateful for convenient school snacks to keep them full and focused in between classes.

Have they discovered a love for the campus gym? Our boxes can be customized to include energy and protein supplements! If they catch the campus bug when flu season rolls around, don’t fret. Send over a SmartBox filled with our get-well teas and nutrient-rich treats to help them kick sickness to the curb. 

Finally, sometimes the college lifestyle hits a little hard. If that’s the case, we also offer a fun “Party Detox” supplement to help refuel for those 21 and over!


Snack Smart and Save Big 

Simplify your schedule by subscribing to weekly or monthly snack deliveries and receive 10% off your orders. The best part? You can specify the exact dates and frequency you’d like to receive your snacks and easily modify your preferences on our website. 


Snack 2 school


Use Promo Code ‘snack2school’ to save 20%

To help families transition into the school year, now through August 31, 2019, snack-lovers will receive 20% off for any SmartBox Express Snack Box of their choosing with code ‘snack2school’.




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