Are You Sure You Want to Eat That?

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Eat Wisely

To be the best you, the most productive you, the most energized you, and the company superstar you, you must choose what you eat during your workday very wisely. Too often, we reach for sugary drinks, candy bars, and other high fat, high sugar, high calorie products during our workday. These poor choices can lead to fatigue, lower energy levels, decreased mental effectiveness, and decreased productivity. Empty calories lead to empty solutions, and your mind and body deserve better.

But, there is a wonderful solution. There are healthy food and drink choices that you can make during your day at work that can help you to be your best. Not only will these nutritious products help increase your productivity, but they will leave you feeling fuller longer and more energized!

Reach for the Real Thing

Processed foods and drinks seem like a quick solution, but end up hurting your mental and physical state throughout the day. Your body needs and craves natural and healthy foods and drinks to perform at the highest level possible. Instead of a processed, high-fructose candy bar, reach for a Kind Bar, full of natural nuts, berries, granola, and more. Grab a bag of Kettle Chips, cooked in healthier safflower oil and made from natural potatoes. Natural fruit chips can give you the sustained energy you need to perform at peak levels.

Are you drinking soda all day at work? This is a major no-no and should be avoided to maximize your performance in the office. Substitute natural drinks like Izze sparkling fruit juice, made with real fruit and no added sugar or preservatives. Made from organic, Fair Trade Certified ingredients, Steaz Iced Tea and Energy Drinks are ideal for sustained energy and mental alertness.

Make a Positive Change Today

You are what you eat and drink. Your workday depends on what you consume and your mental state is a direct result of what you put in your body. So, before you reach for empty calories that lead to obesity, laziness, and sluggish brain function, grab a healthy food and drink alternative.

Healthy Food and Drink Tips to Take You to the Top

Start small and take steps such as substituting Kettle Chips in place of Lays. Stay away from high sugar and salted snacks. Instead choose products rich in fiber and protein such as Pro Bar, Clif products, or Bare Fruit natural fruit chips. Sugar is sugar, but artificial sweeteners are WAY WORSE!! Sustain energy levels and promote sharp brain function with Inko’s Tea or HiBall Energy drinks. Add some protein to balance it out and stay fuller longer! Lead from the front! Show your co-workers that your food and drink choices are taking you to new levels. All will follow if you set a positive trend!

It’s your time to shine, and it starts with what you consume during your day at work. Your positive results will be immediate and everyone will start to take notice. Make a confident and optimistic change to your diet while in the office, and you will begin to glow like a bright star! Choose healthy food and drink choices during your workday and the results will astonish you. Try out your first SmartBox today to start your journey in mindful snacking.


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