A little SmartBox history…

brandonBrandon Stallings, a Jacksonville native and graduate of Florida State University, started his first vending business while still in school at age 20. Before graduation, he took up an interest in health and wellness, and on February 29th, 2012, launched SmartBox. The company embraced a sharp focus on wellness, stocking machines with natural and organic snacks and beverages. But it took only a short time to gain key business insights about what else is missing from the quiet vending machine industry. Bringing together key business partners, Brandon helped pioneer the development and integration of the most advanced vending technology available. He built a team with a culture of exceptional quality service, customer satisfaction and user experience.

SmartBox has established a unique set of services that revolutionize the customer experience and educate users directly at the point-of-sale. Originally a vending machine operator, we have evolved and expanded our offering set, becoming a premier one-stop-shop natural & organic health foods automated retailer. We offer several services that are proven to strengthen corporate wellness programs, such as fresh fruit delivery, gift basket-style snack delivery, redeemable e-giftcards, and office coffee services promoting Fair Trade and biodegradable products. In 2016, we expanded into the micro-market business where customers can buy fresh salads, wraps, snacks, drinks and more using any form of digital currency in an engaging self-checkout kiosk concept. SmartBox vending machines, GoMarkets and delivery services are all connected in the cloud, equipped with touchscreen technology and advanced operational software.

SmartBox is now the largest health foods automated retailer in Florida and one of the top natural & organic snack services companies in the US. Our mission is to make high-quality foods and beverages affordable and available, anytime, anywhere.

Our Team

Rae Behage
Business Development
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Ola Papa

Hometown: Korçë, Albania

Ricot Charles

Hometown: Gonaïves, Haiti

Carmen Conrad

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN