5 Reasons to Prioritize Workplace Wellness

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5 Reasons Workplace Wellness is Important

Self-awareness is essential to success

It’s no secret that Americans are starting to become more health conscious. But individuals in the workplace environment who have to deal with higher stress factors, longer work hours and constant multitasking are finding it difficult to follow through on their wellness goals. Let’s be real, how many times have you made a run to the vending machine only to find grease and sugar as your options? It’s extremely beneficial and makes for a more productive employee to have an onsite wellness program with healthy snack and lunch options provided, because a majority of their time is spent at the work place.

Chronic diseases are PREVENTABLE

Illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, stroke and obesity, make up 75 percent of healthcare costs according to the CDC. By promoting a healthier lifestyle within your company, you can help stop these diseases in their tracks. Yes, old habits die hard, and some employees will be hesitant to participate. But when a person is able to commit mentally, emotionally and socially and on a conscience level, progress is inevitable! We are living in a conscious age, and at SmartBox Company we’d like to help assist people to make smarter decisions.

Healthcare is not cheap

Healthcare costs have continued to rise, and if you are a smaller sized business the burden can be enough to drive you out of the game. The only option some business owners have is to pass the burden back to their employees, but a healthier individual can actually help their own bottom line. Some employers are now actually lowering employee’s contributions with rebates if they do participate in a wellness program. That’s something we can get behind!

It can be a fun and exciting challenge

Your wellness program does not need to be boring. In fact, a dynamic program that consistently evolves over time will drive the most success. Challenge your program to stay on the latest trends, because human beings, and especially your millennial employees, need challenge and stimulation in different ways when it comes to their fitness and wellbeing. And that’s where SmartBox comes in. SmartBox is an exciting and intuitive vendor to add to your program, our products engage users by providing the ability to purchase fresh food the same day it was made and use a mobile-pay app or user-friendly tablet interface for checkout.

A successful program constantly evolves

Corporate wellness is complex. Like anything else in the corporate world, it needs a strategy behind it that is unique. It needs support, and leadership and commitment from a vendor or multiple vendors. We at SmartBox are committed to providing only the healthiest and tastiest snacks to help encourage your employees to lead better lifestyles, and in turn be more productive in the work place.

Smart vending = Smart employees = Smart workplace. It’s that simple. A SmartBox product can improve company productivity, well-being, and morale. It could well be just what your growing company needs. Visit smartboxvending.com to learn more and schedule a demo today.

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