3 Ways to Maximize Wellness Program Participation

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Maximize Workplace Wellness

At SmartBox, we speak often about the importance of workplace wellness, and the need for organizations to have a program in place. But you may see this and say to yourself, “Well I’ve already tried this and there was no engagement, no return for our investment. Our people like what they like and feel that it’s none of our business what they do with their health.” And that’s a very valid point. Despite this ever expanding interest in health and fitness, most adults are set in their ways, and there will always be some resistance from certain team members. So let’s look at some ways to engage these folks, and maximize the participation in your company’s wellness program so that your dollars are well-spent:

Use incentives, but emphasize their benefits

A successful wellness program offers two types of incentives: external and internal. Think about why you exercise in the first place. What does it do for you? Those of us that have made exercise a lifetime habit already, continue to be active exclusively because of the intrinsic reward – the stress relief, the way their body looks and feels, the weight control, etc. It’s about personal satisfaction. These are the benefits that must be emphasized more than anything. The thing is, these rewards take a while to be experienced and require dedication to a plan. You don’t feel them immediately after your first time working out, you notice them after a month or so in. So, how do you peak interest and get people to commit? This is done with use of external incentives. This is where your swag bags, cash prizes, reduced premiums, flex days, etc. come into play. Make sure you are offering small motivators, and then combine that with valuable and benefit-based rewards that increase in value, with their increase in participation.

Create a wellness committee

Find a group of employees interested in the programs success and they will help motivate the rest to participate, since it shows the program is employee driven. These are going to be the people who help to prove that the program is legitimate, because they’re participating in it every day and are therefore appearing much happier and getting their work done quickly. These are your wellness ambassadors! An effective wellness committee helps drive the wellness program from the bottom up, not from the top down and that sense of ownership does a lot to impact morale and enjoyment. Without this committee, your program might not be successful.

Find a wellness vendor to help your people stay on track

What do your people need to meet their goals? Consider the resources that you can bring in to help. Whether that requires bringing physicians who can execute biometric screenings, providing wearable devices for all your employees, hiring that corporate yoga instructor who keeps emailing you to provide a free introductory session, or simply reaching out to a company like SmartBox who can make sure your office always has healthy options on hand and in house.

SmartBox Company is on a mission to equip organizations with easy-to-access, wholesome & natural snack foods, meals, and beverages. We provide three different services to help you keep on track with your goals. We have vending, Go Markets, and we recently rolled out SmartBox Express gift-box services. Our solutions are customizable to fit your business, and by working with us you partner with a team of professionals who really do care about what we do. Contact us today to learn more and start snacking intelligently.


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