3 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Consider

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Healthy Resolutions for 2019

Have you listed out your 2019 resolutions yet? The SmartBox team certainly has. After sorting through our goals, we’ve narrowed down the three most important resolutions you should consider.

Eat high quality, natural foods!

Start by thinking of ingredients that need to be eliminated from your diet. We suggest starting with sugar, as opposed to fat, contrary to what many think. Natural sugars are needed to control glucose and energy levels throughout the day. Refined sugars, on the other hand, is the ingredient linked to heart disease and risk of death. We suggest educating yourself on the differences between natural and refined sugars. 

Choosing to eat ingredients that are whole and natural is going to be the first step in cutting out refined sugar. Experts favor just eating “real food” and nothing with artificial ingredients. Commit to cooking a “real meal” at least once more each week, and feel the difference it makes when eliminating processed and pre-prepared ingredients. If you are normally an “on-the-go” eater who favors those frozen, microwave meals – you will definitely notice a difference in your energy levels right away by making this change.

Finally, consider what you drink. The majority of a person’s sugar intake comes from beverages they consume. Cut back on sodas, alcohol and other beverages that contain processed sugars. One thing you don’t have to worry about drinking less of is coffee, which is associated in many ways with better health or a longer life (but avoid those sugar-packed coffee drinks).

Set clear, reasonable exercise goals

Exercise resolutions are the most common, and for good reason. Little else will have as transformative an effect on your life than working out. Exercise provides such a laundry list of physical and mental health benefits that it’s basically the closest thing we have to a wonder drug.

Exercise can improve your heart health, improve your sleep, and boost your mood. Research has also shown that working out may help keep the brain young, improve memory, and fight cognitive impairment. The trick is figuring out the targeted exercise resolution that’s going to work for you — saying you’ll just “go to the gym (more)” probably won’t cut it.

Morning workouts aren’t everyones cup of tea. But experts do say that morning exercise is the best way to get your heart going, expose you to sunlight and kickstart your circadian rhythm. These factors help you stay energized during the day, and make it easier to sleep at night.

Specifically, cardio exercise contains the biggest amount of benefits. Research suggest that cardio workouts in the morning are the best time of day to workout to lose weight. Experts suggest working towards a goal (like a race) to motivate yourself to complete your morning exercise of choice.

It’s also key to find an activity that you like to do regularly. Rock climbing, swimming, running, or maybe finding a team will help you stick with your workouts week-in and out!

Fix your sleeping habits to stick to resolutions 1 & 2!

With insufficient sleep, you’ll struggle to focus and remember important information. Poor sleep contributes to serious health consequences including physical disease by effecting your diet and exercise habits. There is a laundry list of ailments linked to poor sleep such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Even mental ailments like depression and anxiety are directly linked to sleeping habits. Take care of yourself and get your rest, and notice how much better your perform personally and professionally.

As you decide on your resolutions, keep SmartBox Company in mind to help you with your health goals. Our new service – SmartBox Express – delivers snacks with natural & wholesome ingredients straight to you door. These snacks are perfect to cut artificial ingredients and processed sugars out of your diet, as well as provide fuel for your strongest workouts. Try out your first Smartbox today to start your journey in mindful snacking. Apply code FREESHIPPING at checkout for free shipping on your first delivery.


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